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Imagine a world where consumers no longer need to compromise between quality and affordability when seeking the perfect mobile kitchen solution. As the demand for concession trailers (Mobile Kitchens) grows, both individuals and businesses are searching for a reliable, high-quality, and customized solution tailored to their specific needs. Until now, their options have been limited to selecting from a myriad of cargo trailer manufacturers, which results in poorly built and inadequately designed options that fail to correctly accommodate for essential Electrical and LP-Gas system installations.

This is where Red Fern Management Group has revolutionized the market with their groundbreaking MKS (Mobile Kitchen Shell) - the first-ever patent-pending design specifically crafted for seamless integration of electrical and other mechanical systems, all in compliance with industry codes. The MKS was uniquely designed to address the critical gap in the market, providing customers with a product that is truly purpose built.


The Mobile Kitchen Shell (MKS) represents a cutting-edge trailer design tailored for individuals seeking to construct a mobile kitchen or commercial trailer that necessitates advanced mechanical systems, such as electrical, plumbing, LP-Gas, exhaust, and other specialized systems. This innovative design boasts over 150 enhanced features, including patent-pending components that facilitate code-compliant installation of electrical, LP-Gas, and plumbing systems. This state-of-the-art approach ensures optimal functionality and efficiency for various mobile kitchen applications.

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